Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Honestly, this article shocks me, some of the things mentioned in the article, I was completely unaware about. The comment that stuck out to me the most was about the new generations that in the older generations, it wasn't really always that hard to get a divorce (for only some places). That the man could just dismiss his wife, the wife could file for a divorce, or perhaps they could even make it mutual to get divorced. When I thought of old generation marriage, I thought of the words, arranged, no divorce, children, etc. I thought that marriage was just something that everyone had to go through back then whether they knew or liked the person or not. Although, some of the things that I thought of, were actually true. Things like the role of the women was just to reproduce and to take care of the things that needed to be done at home. The things that were mentioned in this article doesn't make me view today's traditions any differently, because in my opinion, it can be put in a very twisted view to some people. I don't think that women should be put in the situation to do everything at home and just be used as a reproducer. That just doesn't seem right to me. No personal attack to anyone, but as I mentioned in my about me, I'm from lancaster county where many of the Amish come from. When reading this article, that's exactly who I thought about because that's how those poor women are treated. Sometimes I wonder if their husbands even view them as a person or an object. Even though I feel like society has come a long way with the wives not being treated as they should, I still feel like a lot needs to be realized by a lot of people. I know even talking to some of my friends, they have what they think is a reality in their heads that they are going to graduate, get a job, get married, have kids, and do everything around the house like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. Meanwhile the man just works and takes advantage of his wife? That for one, doesn't make sense to me. For two, it just shouldn't be like that. Everyone deserves the time to themselves, and it's only fair that duties to support a family are cut directly in the middle so no one gets overwhelmed. Also, no one should feel like they are tied down, ever. Back then, in some areas, getting a divorce was nearly impossible to get granted for you. Men and women don't deserve to live miserably because they don't like the person that they are married to. Which makes me believe that arranged marriage is ridiculous and doesn't make any sense at all. 

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  1. I completely agree girl. Arranged marriages were unethical and quite frankly stupid. I was also appalled by that article. The only people that should be involved in a marriage are the two people in the relationship- not their parents, political figures, or whomever else!