Thursday, September 8, 2011

gay marriage.

Gay marriage debates have been going on for as long as I can remember, I think it's about time something is finalized. In this passage, I don't agree with the man who is doing this debate because I believe that gay marriage should in fact, be legal. There is no logical reason as why two people of the same sex can't love each other, just like two people of the opposite sex can. As far as I'm concerned, everyone should have this right. I think that people get too wrapped up into the sexual end of it and don't really take into consideration that the sexual intimacy comes from really caring and loving someone when you are talking about marrying that person. No one can help who they love and who they find attractive, so why should homosexuals be penalized or looked down upon for doing just that? There is no true definition for marriage, there are many floating around, but no true definition. I believe that until that definition comes about, no one should have a say in who someone can fall in love with and desire to spend the rest of their life with being happily married to them. It says in the passage that it's not necessary for this to happen, but if this isn't necessary, why does anyone get married then? If it's not necessary for one, why the other? I feel like there is a lot of double standards and contradicting while these debates go on. As a final opinion, it's not fair and two people of the same sex should be able to marry each other if that's what they desire.

Monday, September 5, 2011

whitehead review.

I would definitely most have to agree with the liberals view of the whole situation. In my opinion, there is no way that the things that they conservatives are saying would lead to a dysfunctional family or even corrupt a child's upbringing. Abortion is someone that is discussed between two people and an agreement comes about between those two people to abort the pregnancy. Now of course we don't live in a perfect world, so sometimes it goes without being mentioned or one persons opinion really doesn't matter and they're going to do what they want. But I would say on a whole, if you are a family it is discussed between the two people in the relationship. Illegitimacy would also not destroy a family because in my opinion, labels are for soup cans. Everyone has this view that every person someone gets involved in, they need to put some sort of label like boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband. Love is love, and if two people want to be together and have kids together and live together in a stable home, it shouldn't matter whether they are married or not. As long as they can care for their child and provide  stability for them, they can still be a functional family. Also, homosexuals can create a family, just like anyone else can. They can show love towards each other, not like the "norm," as if there is one; but they can love each other and they DO love each other. They, like everyone else, deserve the chance to create a family and have the love for a child that a heterosexual couple can have. There is no logical explanation as to why having homosexual parents would destroy a family. That baby/child would grow to love them as his/her parents and would actually be more open minded to people, like people should be. On the other hand is what the liberals have to say about this. That is that domestic violence could destroy a family, I definitely agree with this because violence should never exist within a family. It's not fair to the parents and it's not fair to the children that they bring into the violence. Eventually it would tear the family up and cause hatred between them and the family would get destroyed by all of that. Economic insecurity could also be harmful to a family's happiness. A family needs to be healthy in a variety different ways, socially, physically, emotionally, financially, etc. All of those things fall under economic security, if not, it could be damaging to a family because they wouldn't be happy with themselves, they would probably be harmful to themselves and other family members and they wouldn't have a social life to really become a happy person. That destroys a family because no one wants to be around a person like that. In addition to that, having adequate public supporters would be helpful to a family. I wouldn't go as far to say that it would tear a family apart, but could potentially help them out. Everyone could always use some extra support. So all in all, I would have to agree with the liberals opinions in this family situation.